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Worker Bee

An E-commerce website that invites your guests to shop with ease and security. Read more about how the Worker Bee can work for you.

Queen Bee

A complete website design with monthly maintenance including content and WordPress theme updates and security management.  See all that included with the Queen Bee package here.

The Pollinator

An easy to navigate website that informs your guest of your business, services, & location. See why the Pollinator is great for a small business. 

How it's done

I work hand-in-hand with you to create a website that showcases the unique qualities of your business or service. Your visitors will be engaged and want to know more.

JujuB Web Design - Website Discovery


The first step of any design or development project is working with you to figure out all of the specifics. Details like what you need it to do, what pieces of the process can be simplified, and how we can make it work best for you, your staff, and customers.

Design and Develop

Once the demo site has been created, the development begins. Design assets will be acquired and implemented based on your specific website needs, keeping you updated and in the loop along the way. Any extra design points that may be created are discussed with you so we know we're heading in the right direction.


Once your website requirements are identified, I'll start planning everything from demos to development, to publication. Keeping you informed along the way, a schedule will be designed to most efficiently fit the specs of the project while staying within budget and deadline.

Testing and Feedback

Before any website is published live, each function is tested and retested to ensure they're fast and easy to use. Then I'll send it to you so you can take a look to see that it matches your expectations. After testing and feedback, we roll-out your project.

Create a Demo

More often than not, a project is hard to visualize, even when every last detail has been discussed. I will create a demo of your website so you can see how everything works, making discussions and feedback more productive and meaningful.

Informational website by JujuB Web Design

Finalize & Publication

Your project's complete and everything's working great! But what if you want to make changes or add more to your product? JujuB Web Design offers maintenance and support for our customers, and can make any further developments you may want, when you want them.

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